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2014 Reel Breakdown


Reel Breakdown for "Additional Work" reel still being composed


In general, this second reel shows more modeling, surfacing, matte painting and FX work

The opening Kung Fu Panda shots show terrain modeling as well as plant modeling used in Vue to populate the sufaces

The Turbo shot of the snail moving down the rail was a collaborative effort, I did all the set up and the close in buildings and trees, as well as the set extension

I worked with another painter on the background

The rest of the reel showcases both hard surface and character modeling, particle work for the Bella Sera ad (horses) which included the butterflies and blowing/falling leaves,

layout, modeling, surfacing and animation work on the Simpson's Movie, and Futurama, as well as some earlier commercial and short work



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Main website is currently being redisigned to also showcase my traditional work in painting and sculpture

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